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HMH- Scorched Ends by raining-frogs HMH- Scorched Ends by raining-frogs

Tablet, Corel Painter 11

Kye Valora has lived through 16 years of a painfully simple life. A normal family, a normal house... nothing out of the ordinary that might hint that he could be different. Until one night, when his family is murdered before his very eyes, in his own arms... by something unimaginable.

Kye is rescued by an odd man named Vesper and whisked away to the capital city Xeronus, where he joins a group of odd individuals who want the very same thing he does; the Daemon that killed his family destroyed. And of all the people in the world, they need him. Because Kye is special, Kye is different. He possesses a weapon like no other, a skill no one else can be trained to use. The lives of millions may rest in his hands, and he won't give up until his family is avenged and the others are saved.
kindsnowe Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010   Photographer
I want to read more!!! Drool....
What special skill? What weapon? How different? Oh the suspense.
raining-frogs Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
lol, I'm glad you like it ^_^
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August 1, 2010
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